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"(Connect) different social media, websites + access to as much data as possible"

Here is a better way for job seekers to show off their achievements.

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You're a student or recent graduate who is trying to get your dream job.

Here's how we can help you tell the world about your awesome story.

At Bashfully we have taken the resume and given it a shake up. We believe that everyone has a story to tell. We are here to help you tell it. Your education, projects and portfolio are all part of your personal journey. Select what to display and when. For example, do you want to add these to your CV?

  • GitHub projects?
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  • Something visual?
    Profile Wordclouds!

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Key features

Free online hosted resume. Created using our resume builder
Easy to set up from either importing existing details or start from scratch
Easy to create and share custom versions of your profile
Use Markdown to add formatting in your experience to make it shine
No spam, this site is dedicated to help you tell your story for free
See our example profile in action, with a Microsoft specific lense, or read about our integrations like LinkedIn, GitHub, and Flickr, with Codepen, Dribbble, and more coming soon
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Who are we?

Hi! We're Neil and Martyn the Bashfully team.

We've got a couple of decades experience in content management and information workflows. Coupled with studies in motion picture production and storytelling. We are creating a unique site that aims to blend these two sets of skills for your benefit.

Check out our vision for more information.

We live in Brighton, and do this for fun. (We're not robots, promise!)