Bashfully Integrations

Our vision is to change the way people share their experience and tell their story. At the moment we have quick start options for LinkedIn which requires a bit more prep, and GitHub. We also integrate with Flickr to allow a rich portfolio based resume to be created quickly and easily.

As well as linking off to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub, AngelList, IMDB, Google+, Medium, Flickr, Plurasight, and Blogs we also have more functional integrations to help tell your story.

Job or academic experience based profiles


Once you have downloaded the data dump of your LinkedIn profile you can import all the details stratight into Bashfully. Select "Profile" and "Recommendations" before requesting a download. Note: You can only do this once a day. illustation of LinkedIn data download Then all you need to do is add the skills to your experience to complete it. If you want you can also edit the text or add some formatting using Markdown.

Portfolio based profiles


If you use the GutHub authentication then we can automatically give you a list of repositories to add to your profile. You can then add skills and a description of what you have learned from working on this repository. GitHub is also one of the sources that we can use to build your profile, using descriptions and tags that we find to kick start your resume. You know the phrase "Your GitHub account is your resume"? ... Well it is now!


Just enter your Flickr username and we'll give you a list of photosets to import. We will automatically import the description and dates, so all you need to do is tag the skills this photoset displays.


Coming soon!

Like Flickr, enter your username and we will import all the setails from your codepen projects. Just tag the skills and you are ready to go!


Coming soon!

Log in to Dribbble and we will allow you to assign your favourite shots.

Request intergration

Export options

JSON Resume

JSON Resume is a community driven open source initiative to create JSON-based standard for resumes.


For your convenience, we have built-in support for downloading resumes in the following JSON resume themes as PDF: