How does Bashfully compare to LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the professional networking site. Has a good social networking side and most of the professionals already present, but limited ability to personalise and share.

Feature LinkedIn Bashfully
Start from scratch or .... Import options Multi-step process before you can start adding in your profile details. Mainly related to the social networking side. LinkedIn profile export data that maps to Bashfully fields, GitHub profile for a developer profiles, or Flickr photosets for creative porfolios.
Data portability Data export can be requested once a day. Not all data displayed is present and in a set of CSV files. Data export on demand, and as required, in an open standard JSON resume; allowing you to keep control of your data and take to another service if you desire.
Custom versions No options. Create a custom version based on the full profile.
Custom views No options. Create a story based, chronological, or graphical skills representation all based on the full profile automatically as standard.
Online options Can share either full or limited profile, with options around who can view or contact you based on your connection settings. Full profile online, SEO tuned, personalised URL, unlimited custom versions available with personalised labels.
Endorsements or recommendations Endorsements can be added to the profile from other LinkedIn users only. None at the current time. Endorsements without needing a profile, yet being verified, is on the roadmap.

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Example Bashfully skills word cloud