Getting started on Bashfully

Our vision is to change the way people share their experience and tell their story. However, at the moment so that we can keep the standard of the experience up, the initial public beta is aimed at people who already have a LinkedIn profile and want a way of crafting a story around it. You will then be able to save your new crafted profile as a CV.

To start with if you download the PDF version of your LinkedIn profile, by going to your profile page and then clicking the "..." icon in the top right. Next choose "Next to PDF" and save it somewehre you can find it.
illustation of LinkedIn PDF download

During the setup process we will ask you for this file. Don't worry we don't save it or pass it on to anyone else, all the data we use will be shown to you as we go along.

On our roadmap we will be adding further support for CV imports, as well as importing your profiles from Facebook and Google+.