Anatomy of a Bashfully profile

Our vision is to change the way people share their experience and tell their story. This is the first step on that journey. So that we can keep the standard of the experience up, the initial public beta is aimed at people who already have a LinkedIn profile and want a way of crafting a story around it.

The abstract

The abstract tells people about where you are now, what is a realistic progression in the medium term, and finally your ultimate goal.

illustation of profile abstract

The abstract is the bit at the top of the profile. There is currently only one formula to enter, but we are looking at more ways to express what journey you are on. This also includes your profile picture, a way for you to share your profile, and any links to other networks that people can find you on.

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An era

An era is the basic way of telling stories in Bashfully. It links your experiences together, please be concise and include information about both your past experience and future goals. Remember:

  • to include work experience, education and courses, volunteering, and any side projects or hobbies that gave you skills to help you on your journey.
  • don't focus on the what of the day-to-day activities - we get that from your resume - concentrate on the why you did things, what your goals where, and how what you did helped.

Here is an example. Think of the title as the chapter heading in your life story. The descrption is then how you would describe this era to someone you have just met. illustation of profile era The tags under each area of experience allow you to highlight the skills that are applicable. This will be used later to help generate skills based profiles dynamically.

Remember the experience that you add doesn't have to be just jobs and education from your CV, with our integrations you add Flickr photosets, GitHub repositories, plus coming soon items from your Dribbble profile and more!

On our roadmap we will be adding further support for CV imports, as well as importing your profiles from Facebook and Google+. We are also busy working at giving you the ability to adapt different version of your profile, to highlight experience in a particular area, and then share those as well.

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This view re-organises the profile into a standard resume/CV format. Starting with a personal statement made from your era descriptions, followed by your work experience, education, and finally any portfolio pieces from the GitHub, Flickr or other integration


This view creates a Word Cloud from you tagged skills. This also provides a summary of which bits of experience contributed, for example your work experience, education, and finally any portfolio pieces from the GitHub, Flickr or other integration illustation of word cloud

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