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Richard Green

I want to help NASA
to get my ass to Mars.
using these skills C# that I have
and these skills I wish to develop Rocket Science

Learning the World

My education

Software Engineering Degree (1st with Honours)
1998 - present

A-Levels (A, A, B)
1996 - present

Maths (A) Physics (A) Chemistry (B)

Learning my Trade

My work experience

PHMedia / IRIS Software - Web Developer / Senior Developer
2007 - present

For nearly two years I worked for IRIS on their PROJECTminder product, a rich web-based application that heavily utilised Ajax technology.

Lloyds TSB - General Insurance Web Developer
2004 - present

Transferred to the Insurance division within Lloyds TSB, and began working on the various Insurance websites such as Car / Home / Travel / Pet insurance, using the .NET framework

Lloyds TSB - ATM Development
2002 - present

I worked for ATM Development for 2 years, helping to test Cashpoint interactions and developing the first phase of rich-graphic user interfaces, helping in the move away from green-screens.