Our Vision

We've got a couple of decades experience in content management and information workflows. Coupled with studies in motion picture production and storytelling. We are creating a unique site that aims to blend these two sets of skills for your benefit.

But we're not just doing this to be a LinkedIn clone. While there is a place for LinkedIn, we feel that there is a gap at the moment. Networking and self-promotion need a combination of experience and luck. This put those that don't have these two things at a disadvantage. So to tackle that we specifically want to:

  • Help provide guidance to graduates and students to sell the experience that they have,
  • Help those suffering from imposter syndrome by benchmarking against peers in both your industry and experience level,
  • Tailor your story and experience for applying to different roles, quickly and easily,
  • Make your story visible by helping show off your skills and online presence in search results.

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