How does Bashfully compare to VisualCV?

VisualCV is great for creating one off and professional looking CVs. The Visual Editor works like a Word plugin or desktop publishing app.

Feature VisualCV Bashfully
Start from scratch or .... Import options Current Word or PDF CV that it attempts to import data from. Including the LinkedIn profile PDF download option. LinkedIn profile export data that maps to Bashfully fields, GitHub profile for a developer profiles, or Flickr photosets for creative porfolios.
Custom versions Create custom versions from scratch. Create a custom version based on the full profile.
Custom views No options. Create a story based, chronological, or graphical skills representation all based on the full profile automatically as standard.
Online options Share up to two versions, but not a personalised link the URL is chosen by VisualCV. Full profile online, SEO tuned, personalised URL, unlimited custom versions available with personalised labels.
Endorsements or recommendations Have to be manually entered, no way of collecting verified endorsements. None at the current time. Endorsements without needing a profile, yet being verified, is on the roadmap.

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Example of creating a new custom view in Bashfully